The Village School Foundation - Nitrate Village Number 1 Historic District

The Village School during construction (1918), and completed. The large windows and the vented roof offer maximum airflow to keep cooler in the summer months. The design of the basement, having windows as well, offers plenty of natural light and fresh air. 

While WW1 was a driving force in construction, the formation of the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority, 1933) was instrumental in giving the well-built neighborhood new purpose. 

The world has gone through many changes the last 100+ years, but the Village and the original structures have maintained their integrity. It’s a testament to the sturdy construction and innovative designs implemented. 

Even our trusty schoolhouse, having been neglected for a long stretch of time, is still standing and sturdy in many ways. 

With the help of the community and funding from various preservation grants, we look forward to to restoring the building completely and giving it new life. 

If you’re interested in helping, message us here to learn more and/or donate.

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