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Hello and thank you! 

The past couple of months (and this past year) have flown by!! 

First, I want to say a big Thank You to all of the artists who joined us October 8th, and to everyone who made it to the fundraiser event, whether in person, or virtually by way of donations and merch purchases.  We've made even more progress on The Village School since our big fundraiser event.  Every dollar and kind word of encouragement goes back into the school, helping us get this historic building restored for present and future generations.

Max Russell ft. Matthew DeOrazio Momma P's Taco Truck
Andrew Garner ft. Matthew DeOrazio VSF Rubber Stamping by Camilla Harrison

If you haven't been following along with our progress via social media, we have various places we post updates - 
Instagram - videos, stories, updates
Facebook - events, posts and pics
YouTube - videos and shorts

You can also save and follow us on Google Maps, as well as post photos and leave reviews (or share mini stories of your own memories at the school).

We chose not to inundate your email inbox over the last holiday, as we know all the big box retailers were doing that; but we also wanted to make sure we were on your radar for end of year giving + holiday gift ideas.  
We also have a monthly giving option via Donorbox; you can gift VSF as little as $5/month!
If you'd like a receipt for your donation for tax purposes, please reply or email us.  

One of the recent grants we applied for this year was not approved.  :(
This has left us relying mostly on charitable donations from the community this last quarter.  We're hopeful that more grant opportunities arise in 2023; if you have any leads on potential grants that we may not be aware of, we welcome your input.  If there's a business or company you know of that would like to make an end-of-year or annual donation, we are grateful for this support as well.  

Some of our MAJOR highlights on the restoration work for 2022:
- Major section of the roof was repaired; this has allowed us to begin the ceiling repairs inside the hallway and Principal's office.
- Painted the hallway and the auditorium 
- Painted the Principal's office and restroom
- Traditional Lime-Horsehair plaster work on the ceilings of the hallway and Principal's office (currently in's a process!)

North entrance hallway Principal's office
Bryan and Matt tag-team the plaster work Layers of plastering in progress

We're beginning to outline the work flow for 2023; some of that depends on fundraising and grants being approved.  
Projects and gatherings we have on the horizon:

- Begin work on the hallways leading to the downstairs/basement bathrooms; this includes major repairs on the north set of stairs, as there is extensive termite damage there.
We will work our way towards the boiler room (so we can then have a boiler tech begin repairs....future heating!!)




We'll be hosting monthly volunteer dates in collaboration with Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area - Look for dates in the Spring-through-Fall as the weather allows.  

If you have a group that needs a place to meet up, or an event that needs a venue, we'd love to open up the auditorium to more gatherings; if you have ideas for what you'd like to see for next year's annual fundraiser event, we so appreciate your input!

Thank you so much for your support!  We look forward to more progress in 2023 and more events in the future!

To volunteer, donate, or participate, please get in touch

Thanks again for coming along with us for this journey in community and preservation!  As they say, IT TAKES A VILLAGE!

The Village School Foundation
A 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to restoration and preservation of this Historic Building for community use.

200 Chickamauga St. Sheffield, AL 35660

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