Blueprint for Bungalow Type S4, Captain’s Quarters.

Blueprint for Bungalow Type S4, Captain’s Quarters
Within Nitrate Village One, there are several different floor plans, which were originally designed based on rank and family size. This blueprint is 105 years old and in pretty great condition for its age (as are the Village homes!!) The plans and construction of The Village were very detailed, organized and built to last. It was also an early example of pre-fab construction; all the pieces, tiles and materials were numbered and organized by style, house and location in the neighborhood! Original plans of the neighborhood included many more houses and buildings to make it a fully functional community. When the Armistice was signed 11/11/18, construction ended. 84 homes were completed + The Village School and the barracks (now known as the Village Landing apartments). . . . #shoalshistory #nitratevillageone #sheffieldalabama #blueprints #circa1918 
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